Features to consider while buying gaming laptops

gaming laptopsThe gaming laptops were once sounded like an oxymoron but now with the amazing progress of computers over the most recent couple of years, the gaming laptops are available easily. Gaming laptops are offering amazing features. However, there are some important features to consider while buying the gaming laptop for an amazing experience of gaming. (although we recommend better to do programming, haha)

Graphics Cards (GPU)

Graphics play an important role in gaming. The majority of your cash is spent on for this feature. Your decision is amongst NVIDIA and AMD; however, both offer an extensive variety of various cards. It’s basic to go for better execution on laptops having two illustrations cards. You have to take a keen look at the specification of both of these to decide which the best choice is for you and whether they are fulfilling all the requirements needed for good graphics card specifically for gaming purposes.

Touchpads and Keyboards

The good quality of touchpads and keyboards could not be ignored. You are going to strike the keys while playing the game. So you’ll need a good quality of keyboards and touchpads for a smooth effect and to feel good.

This is what to search in keyboards and Touchpads

  • Key Travel
  • Actuation
  • Customization
  • Anti-Ghosting
  • CPU and RAM


ramA quad-core i5 ought to be sufficient for the gamers however Intel Core i7 with octa-core can give you the ray power. Given the decision, it bodes well to spend your cash on memory and graphics card rather than the processors. Go for 8GB of RAM and you shouldn’t have any issues with the games. In the event that you have a tendency to have different applications running at the same time, decide for a 16GB ram if you want to do video editing or game streaming.

SSD or HDD for Storage

Considering the specifications for gaming laptops faster is the best. This is the reason many people love SSDs, especially the new PCIe cards for their extremely faster speed. That additional increase in speed means quicker amusement stack times. For HDD, a 1TB hard drive with a 7,200-rpm speed is a reasonable choice. The best option is to choose the laptop having both the HDD and SSD.


monitor laptopsA 1080p resolution is going to be the sensible choice for the vast majority. Greater screens are definitely the best option for playing games, yet they’ll make the portable workstation greater, bulkier, and more eager for power. Here are the average sizes of laptops screen available in different models of laptops.

  • Ultraportable: 13.3″ or Less
  • Thin and Light: 14″ to 16″
  • Desktop Replacement: 17″ to 19″
  • Luggables: 20″ and Higher

You can use external monitor too. Higly recommend: Comprehensive no bezel monitor guide and reviews.

Battery Life

You should read up about the battery life of the laptop for extended game sessions. A greater battery implies more weight and heat. Even with a major battery, it’s normal to end up after an hour of gaming. You could simply consider getting a rechargeable power pack to use in some additional gaming without plugging. You can choose the right laptop by considering the specifications and features must for a good gaming laptop. The above features can help you to enjoy an amazing and long-lasting experience of gaming.